When it comes to the long registry of weddings that we helped craft as professional event planners in Sri Lanka, some of them stand out and are a little more extra special than others. It is a mixture of joy that ruled the air and the happiness of seeing a dream coming true that led these proud couples to leave a word behind, as a token of gratitude and a line of assurance to someone else who comes seeking our services.

Prasangi & Alex

We would like to take this opportunity to thank ‘Siritha wedding planners’ for organizing and executing the most wonderful wedding for us. We highly recommend Lasantha and Indika from Siritha Wedding Planners. They gave us a magical wedding on Taprobane Island by taking on the difficult task of coordinating our wedding on an Island.

Lasantha and Indika have a huge wealth of knowledge of the wedding industry and a vast network of suppliers that they recommend at every stage of the wedding planning process. We felt that Siritha Wedding Planners gave us a variety of choices in suppliers. Siritha Wedding Planners were great people to interact with, being one hundred percent honest about their dealings and suppliers.

In conclusion, we recommend Siritha Wedding Planners with all our heart. We feel there is no one better for event organising than Siritha. If you wish please contact us through partridge.a@gmail.com

Chamath & Yushani

Dear Lasantha,

This is to convey a big thank you to everyone for each and everything you’ve done to make our wedding a memorable one. You have been a true and sincere friend to us. This is something we will truly value and never forget.

Chamath chamathkara@gmail.com

Nuwan & Sawa

The service of a wedding planner was needed by us during the time of our wedding due to my busy schedule. At that point Lasantha was there to see, to all the details that mattered to make our day a success that is treasured. With him taking care of everything, we were able to relax and enjoy our very special day.

Chanya and Harsha

Dear Lasantha,

Many thanks for an awesome job. here are our thoughts..

Planning out the event right from the outset was methodical, time bound and practical. Its success was reflected in the numerous positive comments about the smooth flow and organization of the proceedings. Above all, as the groom and bride, our lives were made awesomely easy. We had faith on Lasantha’s abilities and he lived beyond our expectations. We were relaxed both before and during the event, enjoyed it to the fullest, and never did the stress of ‘what’s next?’ creep in, as we knew that plan was in safe hands. He knew our desires and tastes and made sure everything fell in the right place at the right time.

Wish you all the best

Jayaru & Aravinda

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the “Siritha Wedding Planners” for helping us organize and plan both our wedding and our homecoming.
Lasantha’s wealth of knowledge about traditional wedding customs helped us ensure that we covered what’s needed at the wedding whilst making sure everyone enjoyed the ceremony. We were able to enjoy our big day to the fullest because we did not have to worry much about anything due to Lasantha being completely involved in making sure everything ran smoothly in all departments.
We would highly recommend the “Siritha Wedding Planners” to anyone because they provide you with a service that is worth every single penny you spend!
Thank you Lasantha and Co.

Himali & Asiri

Dear Lasantha,

It has been a while since our magnifisient wedding, three months to be exact. By this time, we have been to many a weddings, of different vibes. However we still believe ours, as a complete package – and how the two of us felt on that amazing day, is the best wedding we’ve been to.

Lasantha, we met you through one of the Bride’s mum’s friends. From the time we met you and your team, you put us at ease. It is the first ( and the only) time we were getting married. So obviously it was the biggest deal in our lives. But for you, it was just another assignment. However, we never felt that you were just there to do your job – it was a more intimate feeling we had towards you – and you returned the same towards us. Not for one moment, did we feel that something or the other would go wrong. You and your team was always there to help and assist.

After the weddings we’ve been to, as a couple, we always talk about Siritha. We were too excited getting married on our wedding day, however when we were at the audience, we got to see what the guests expect at a wedding. Firstly, the wedding rituals have to be carried out in a seamless manner. Lasantha was instrumental in getting everything ready for all the Poruwa rituals. We have noticed how stressed the other couples were when the rituals do not happen accordingly due to negligence of the wedding planner. We were oblivious to any complications during Poruwa as Lasantha, with his team was always on top of things.

Managing the wedding decor we believe is a very complicated matter, there’s always a chance to flop. However Lasantha was instrumental in coordinating between the numerous parties involved to get the wedding decor exactly the way we wanted. He had the experience and the insight in knowing what we needed. He did not push us at any moment to choose stuff he wanted, our ideas and desires were given full encouragement.

The entertainment during the wedding is something most of the couples do not realize important. On the contrarily, it is what keeps the guest engaged in the proceedings. As was the case in some of the weddings we’ve been to, too many items and loud music is a bother to the guests. Lasantha, with his experience and skill, was able to find the best entertainment package for the wedding. All of the guests – of a wide spectrum of social status and age – were fully entertained.

So Lasantha, we take this opportunity to thank you, and your team at Siritha, for providing the best possible service throughout the planing of our wedding and ultimately at the most important day of our lives.

Thank you,

Suwini & Tharindu

Dear Lasantha,

Siritha Wedding planners were very helpful in planning and organizing our wedding and the homecoming. Itineraries for both days were created in detail after listening to our needs by Lasantha who was friendly and at the same time professional. On the function day Lasantha and Prasad took care of the timing and made sure everything goes in order. It was a big relief as they were always there to back us up anytime and to guide the whole function from planning stage to the end. Thank you very much for your support and will always recommend you guys in the future.

Priya Aponso

Dear Lasantha and team,

I would firstly like to thank Lasantha and his team, for the great work they did, to make our daughter’s wedding a wonderful and remarkable day.

At the time of planning her wedding I was not sure whether I would be able to get it done in Sri Lanka, we being out of the country. When I discussed about having the wedding in Sri Lanka, most of my relatives and friends discouraged me about the idea and was not happy about hiring a wedding planner without we being in Sri Lanka. But I had no choice getting this done without a wedding planner as we all being away from Sri Lanka. But only thing I was looking for is a person who can handle the planning well the way we need and also reliable and practical in his/her work. And on the recommendation of a good friend of mine who is involved in this field, I made the decision to choose Siritha Wedding Planner, for our daughter’s wedding planning. After making the decision my-self and my daughter, discussed everything with Lasantha over the skype and then decided to hire him. Thereafter according to the way my daughter wanted, I was talking to Lasantha over the phone and also corresponding with him through emails.

I am very pleased to say that I am very happy the way he handled all the stressful situations which I had to face, if I was in Sri Lanka and also how he updated me time to time as soon any changes being done with our planning and also giving advice and guidance when necessary . He handled everything very efficiently and timely manner by taking immediate action when issues occurred, by sorting them and prioritizing accordingly.

I was amazed to see how he handled everything, at the final stages when we visited Sri Lanka just before two weeks ahead for the wedding without any hesitation. And the day of the wedding was well planned and all the work was done according to the days itinerary, on scheduled times and all the vendors were very prompt with their supplies. Sudden minor issues occurred on the day were handled very efficiently. I am so happy the way he had arranged everything beautifully on wedding day with the help of his team, according to the way I told him and how my daughter wanted. And also I am very happy how efficiently he handled the final work load by meeting vendors and confirming the final decisions, making last minute changes according to the way the couple wanted on the final week before the wedding when the couple met him.

He is very flexible, understanding, attentive, reliable, trying his best to make the client happy by helping them to meet their requirements, friendly and very supportive. Loads of Thanks to all at Siritha Wedding Planning for making my daughter’s wedding a remarkable one.

I am sure who ever select Siritha Wedding planning will be happy to say that their planning and service is excellent and they are happy to recommend them to anyone because of the lovely experience they had by working with them.

All the best to Siritha Wedding Planning, Lasantha and his Team

Himashi & Uditha

Dear Lasantha,

Thank you for all your help for planning our big day. Your knowledge and experience in the field helped us in lot of situations. My parents and Uditha’s parents were especially pleased with how smoothly proceedings were carried out on the wedding day and homecoming. All the best to you and your team